About Us


As avid beaders since 1984 we know what you need.  We strive to keep the latest beads and new products in all the time.  You should see us when a new box arrives!  We’re both delighted and then resigned to the fact that we have to get it on the shelves for you.  It’s like getting presents all the time.

I feel very fortunate to have the shop and to have realized the dream of it.  The shop keeps getting better and better.  It’s my way of creating a space where a person can come and be at ease creating beautiful things for themselves, family and friends.

We’ll help and guide you all through the creative process if you want us to… give you a semi- bad cup of coffee…or tell a really bad joke to make you laugh.  It’s just what we do.

Come on in and play with us.  We have a lot of fun here.

We’re asked quite a bit about our name.  Why Jumping Mouse?  Jumping Mouse is a beautiful Native American story about a little Mouse that never gives up on it’s dream.  Here’s a full version of the story for you to enjoy-  I know I do.

The Jumping Mouse Story